About Me

Hi, I'm Arif! Welcome to my website!

Thanks for checking out my website. I'm a grade 11 student at the University of Toronto Schools (UTS) in Toronto, Canada.

I have a lot of interests, my primary ones being math, computer science, and economics. My interests in mathematics and computer science were initially piqued by how they could be applied to solve practical problems, but I have come to enjoy the theoretical aspects as much. I have fun doing various math and computer science contests, and spend a lot of time on online programming judges such as DMOJ. At the moment, I want to learn more about data science and machine learning, especially about how it can be applied in finance, language processing, and sports analytics. I have recently started a Github repository for machine learning projects and notes, which can be accessed by going here.

In school and outside, I'm involved in various projects and activities, ranging from writing blog posts on Proliteracy.ca, playing the alto saxophone, running a financial literacy company called MoneySmarts, and doing research in economics at a local university.

During my free time, I have many hobbies. I love watching movies, as well as playing basketball, table tennis and squash with my friends. In addition, I love trying out new foods, meeting new people, or answering people's questions about math on Quora. Finally, when I have time, I enjoy attending hackathons with friends from both inside and outside of my school.

On my website, you will be able to see some of my side projects, my resume, and blog posts. These posts will mostly be on fascinating math problems I've encountered, movie reviews, or any unique experiences.


Here are posts I've written about math, movies, and recent experiences. If you have any suggestions or feedback, just let me know.


Here are is a list of my past and present projects which I have or am currently working on. These include things I've done at hackathons or competitions, companies which I'm running, or mathematics and computer science enrichment activities.

Machine learning

Recently, I created a machine learning repository on Github in order to start working on projects and notes. My first project is for Iris Classification, which helped me gain of basic machine learning algorithms and implemenation. I also have notes, which can be accessed here.


In early 2017, along with my friends Roger Nath and Steven Zhang, we started MoneySmarts (earlier known as MoneyScents), an online financial literacy platform for youth. On our website, we post articles and lessons, along with having a Facebook chatbot called Finbot, and product rankings for bank accounts, phone plans and car insurance. We have also partnered with Canadian financial company Planswell, who build thorough financial plans within minutes, which we promote on our platform.

Project Euler

My good friend Gautam Manohar and I solve problems on Project Euler using Python. The problems on the platform are mathematical in nature, but often require computational solutions. Click on the image to view our code.


Along with my good friends Alexander Goleszny, Roger Nath, and Yuvraj Tripathy, we pitched FitSocial at the Rotman Boardroom Case Competition. Fitsocial is a company that leverages AI and big data to provide user-specific recommendations and solutions to fitness problems. We managed to place 2nd out of 80+ plus teams and win prize money. To learn more about the project, click on the image to view our slide deck for the company.


StockSee was a project which I created at a THacks 2 with Jack Douglas and Damian Bhatia. It is a platform which shows users historical data of various stocks, and shows the linear growth prediction of the stock over the next year. We used HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Firebase for our website, and we used Python libraries such as Matplotlib and Pandas to get historical data, and plot the graphs for each stock. The code can be viewed here.